Cryptzo Ecosystem

As the world’s fastest-growing asset class with a market cap of about $1 trillion, we strongly believe that cryptocurrencies are here to stay. Our plans are to create a sustainable ecosystem by expanding and improving on our current systems, aiming to make cryptocurrency usage easier for everyone.

We have unwavering faith that with our ecosystem trifecta, everyone may partake in realizing our dream: a world with universal and secure currency.

Ecosystem Trifecta

Our ecosystem consists of 3 main components that will encompass and encourage cryptocurrency adoption:

Our Trading Solution

For cryptocurrency trading.

Our Payment Processors

To allow for convenient adoption of cryptocurrencies in our everyday lives.

An Entrepreneurial Platform

That encompasses and encourages various innovations of cryptocurrencies.


Cryptzo Token

  • Payment Medium for all Cryptzo services.
  • Enjoy up to 50% off transaction fees when using the CT.

Trading Solutions

  • Cryptzo UAS: Ultimate Arbitrage Solutions that covers over 50 Top Crypto Exchanges.
  • Cryptzo OTC: Coin Conversion for crypto diversification, and escrows for P2P transactions.

Payment Processors

  • Cryptzo Debit Card: Can be funded using up to 50 different cryptocurrencies.
  • CryptChat/CryptPay: Operating on an encrypted, decentralized network, this platform combines secure social messaging with a convenient online payment gateway.

Cryptzo Entrepreneurs

  • CryptFunder: An innovative cryptocurrency crowdfunding feature on the platform that allows users to raise funds for creative projects.
  • CryptList: A classified ads service that links businesses to talents for collaboration, with an option for payment via coins.